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150xt - Crystal Controlled FM Transmitter
The Original Circuits Below Were Built and Sold -  In The Thousands To Law Enforcement. Their Original Research and Development Cost , By Today's Standards, Would Total - Well Over A Million Dollars.

 FM Transmitter Circuit 150xt

(C) 2012  radio-circuits .com
I orginally produced this circuit as a plan back in the 80s. I upgraded it a couple of weeks ago and have included it here. I normally surface mount this unit, however it can be built TTH.

150xt Transmitter
2012 By John S. Wilson Jr.

Transistors: Digi-Key Electronics

Q1 Q2 and Q3 - MMBTA20 - Digi-key Electronics

Q4 and Q5 - MBTH10L - Digi-key Electronics

V1 - MMBV2109 - Digi-key Electronics

XT - 15 or 16 Mhz Crystal. - 15 Circuit Operates @ 150 Mhz. 16 - 160 Mhz

Digi-key Electronics CA-301 Barrel Crystals Will Work ( They Are Cheap )

L1 - .15uH

L2 - .10uH

Antenna: 16" Small Stranded Wire