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If you are looking for - Simple FM VFO Adjustable Voice Transmitter Circuits and Schematics, Spy Circuits, Video and Phone Transmitter Circuits, Spy Bugs, and DIY Projects - You Have Reached the Motherload! 

The FM Transmitter Circuits and Schematics, Hobby, and DIY Electronic Projects within these pages were randomly picked from the most popular around the net.

I did the board, stripboard, and Breadboard layouts for you. If you have any comments, or wish to contact us, please email us at the bottom of the page.

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FM Transmitter Circuit # 1
FM Transmitter Spy Circuits and Schematics - Professional FM Transmitter Spy Circuits and Schematics - Professional
High Gain Audio Listening Spy Circuit
Stealth Electronics and Spy Circuits
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          FM Transmitter
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FM Transmitter Circuit # 2
FM Transmitter Circuit # 3
FM Transmitter Circuit # 5
FM Transmitter Circuit # 6

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FM Transmitter Circuit # 4
FM Transmitter Circuit # 7
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